Need Help Finding a Solution to Pain & Stiffness

Whether it’s due to arthritis, past injury, or you are simply experiencing the aches and pains that can become a problem as we get older, you don’t have to tolerate it. There are solutions that can help you deal with pain and stiffness. Here, we’re going to look at the role that physiotherapy can play, as well as some tips to help you manage pain outside of the treatments provided by services like Brant Wellness and Rehab.

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Get help understanding what’s affecting you

Even if you know that your pain and stiffness is due to a condition like arthritis, a physiotherapist can help you understand the actual mechanisms of what is happening to your joints and muscles. Similarly, they can help you understand how different factors like age, weight, and lifestyle cause pain and offer advice on changes you can make to address that pain.

Physical therapists bring a lot of training in not only improving the fitness of those that they work with, but they have a physiological understanding of many of the major causes of pain and stiffness and, as such, can help you know your aches and how to soothe and avoid exacerbating.

Get into low-impact aerobic training

Exercise is a great strategy for relieving pain. For one, it releases dopamine and endorphins that, along with other effects, reduce your sensations of pain. As such, many physiotherapists will take you through aerobic exercises that can improve your heart rate and help you build muscle and lose weight.

However, a good physiotherapist will choose aerobic training that is sure not to cause any impacts to the joints affected by pain and stiffness. That way, they will make sure you’re not accidentally doing more damage to yourself. Instead of exercises like running or jumping jacks, which are high-impact, they will guide you through workouts using things like stationary bikes.

Gather your strength

Aerobic training isn’t the only kind of exercise that’s important. Strengthening exercises are crucial for building strength in muscles, improving bone density, and offering joints the support that they need so that they aren’t as easily injured. A physiotherapist will have a range of strengthening exercise equipment, such as resistance bands, as well as knowledge of bodyweight exercises that can target parts of the body that need additional improvement. As well as increasing your general fitness, it’s important to find exercises that you find enjoyable or engaging so that you can do it regularly. A physiotherapist can help keep you engaged and help you build the habits you need to take with you outside the office, too.

Direct relief for your pain

Exercise is crucial for helping you build the body that is less susceptible to pain in the long-term. However, some physiotherapists like those at Brant Wellness & Rehab also offer more direct therapy that is designed to address specific pain points. Our neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain treatments can include chiropractors and massage therapy that can help relax your body, improve circulation, and work out some of the tension that is causing stiffness and pain throughout the body.

Our training sessions can also include exercises that are designed to relieve pain, restore flexibility, and help you leave our office feeling a lot more energetic and stress-free than you arrived.

Getting relief between sessions

Your physiotherapist may also make use of additional treatments and recommend you keep up with them outside of the office to address pain when it flares up particularly badly. This can include the use of heat and ice packs, for instance. Heat packs are great for warming up muscles to help them move more easily and to open your blood vessels to improve your circulation.

Ice and cold packs, on the other hand, are great for calming inflammation, swelling, and the pain that can occur as a result. The physiotherapist may also recommend lifestyle changes, such as making changes in your posture and encouraging you to be less sedentary, or dietary recommendations that can help you manage your weight over the long-term.

With the tips above, you should be able to find some relief for your pain and stiffness. When it comes to the most effective solutions possible, however, there is no replacement for physiotherapy. Get in touch with Brant Wellness & Rehab for any help you need with back pain treatments, neck pain, shoulder pain, and more. We will work with you to find the approach that addressed your specific pain points.