Month: April 2018

The good and bad sides of e cigarettes

Anywhere you go in the world, you will find many people smoking, even at a young age. We cannot also stop these teens from smoking because they were influenced by their friends. Some of their parents are smoking, too, that is why some of them just ignore their son or daughter when they catch them. While there are also teens, who are just hiding their smoking habit.

When we buy a pack of cigar, we can find a notice there, saying that Cigarette smoking is bad for your health. But, we often ignore that warning because we cannot stop ourselves from our habit. Some people can control the number of cigarettes they lit every day. There are also those who are called as chain smokers because they smoke too much and then, a pack of cigar is not even enough for them in a day.

Many people are saying that …

Benefits of Taking Vitamin Supplements

You have probably seen the many shelves of vitamin supplements every time you go shopping at your local drug store. However, you have never thought it was necessary to start using them. If this is the case, you might want to seriously reconsider your way of thinking. The truth is that millions of people around the world enjoy great nutritional benefits from taking vitamin supplements on a daily basis. Have you been feeling sick and tired lately? Have you felt much healthier in the past? Vitamin supplements are a great way to get your body feeling 100% healthy once again. Here are a few of the main benefits that you will get when you start consuming vitamin supplements on a regular basis.

  1. You will be obtaining some of the minerals and vitamins that you are not getting from the foods you eat every day.

You might be eating a very …

Tup Ingram Provides Complementary Therapies As Modern Medicine

Modern medicine, and the system it treats medical conditions, is subjugated by what people think of as orthodox medicine. This is what most individuals have come to recognize as ‘real medicine’, and the practicalities of orthodox medicine are in well-grounded technical research. Because of this systematic approach, orthodox medicine has made remarkable advances in one’s comprehension of human biology, the diseases and circumstances that can badly affect that biology, which has led to the development of treatments and drugs.

However, there are confines to what this form of medicine can attain. Many doctors like Tup Ingram unreservedly admit that many individuals feel poorly for reasons that contemporary medicine cannot explicate, and that when they recommend drugs, they are usually providing placebos that basically help the patients calm down while nature’s natural healing processes do the work.

And this is where complementary therapies can come in to their own work. Complementary …

What is the Role of Martin Lloyd Sanders as an Officer in the USPHS for Public Health Service?

Environmental health officers or officers in the USPHS in the Commissioned Corps have the freedom and flexibility to pursue a fulfilling and diverse career. Day-to-day accountabilities of environmental health officers consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Providing support and leadership to public health programs intended to protect the public from exposure to harmful substances
  • Providing services in environmental health, disease prevention, injury prevention, education and health promotion, and occupational safety
  • Undertaking greatly specialized services in areas such as industrial hygiene, counterterrorism, health physics, and hazardous litter
  • Conducting an extensive variety of activities, including investigations, surveys, research, teaching and training, technical assistance, consumer education, regulatory compliance, and standards and codes development
  • Regulating and reviewing medical devices and products
  • Conducting epidemiological and biomedical research
  • Monitoring and developing national health policies

Additionally, USPHS officers may have the chance to aid in public health responses to natural and man-made disasters and take part …