A Pry Bar That Gets the Job Done

My husband has become the family handyman. When I say that, I don’t mean simply our immediate family. I mean the entire extended family. He owns his own business, and he has recently hired someone to oversee the entire operations. Because of that, he has a lot more free time, which was his goal. We also have a lot of elderly family members, and they are constantly asking him for help. He asked me if I would look at the 10 best pry bar because he was not having a lot of luck with what he was using.

I am used to doing research for him, and it was easy for me to find the perfect pry bar for him. He loves helping out family and friends, and it seems he needed a pry bar for a lot of the jobs that he was doing. The one he was using hurt his back when he had trouble with stubborn nails or boards that needed to be taken up. He told me that he needed one that would also be helpful with tearing apart pallets, since he wanted to use this pry bar at work when he did go in.

I looked at quite a few different ones, but I kept coming back to the same one. The reviews were mostly positive, and quite a few of them even mentioned how nice this particular pry bar was for taking apart pallets. I kept reading over and over also about how solid the entire pry bar is. Regardless of the project that it was used on, it performed well each and every time. I showed it to my husband, and he ordered it the same day. He has told me since using it nearly every day now, that his back feels great and he is getting projects done quicker now!