Protecting the Safety of My Home

Two months ago, my wife Hani and I purchased our first home. It was so magical when we first moved in the house. We finally had a place to call our own. Last week, a bad storm came through our city, It was very powerful. The winds were howling uncontrollably. It sound like a tornado was outside our house. Hani and I could hear the branches crack. A dead branch from a tree fell on a part of my house. It missed us. We needed a tree service in Nassau County to prevent this from happening again.

When I decided to purchase my home, I wanted the very best. I wanted my home to be a symbol of my status and hard work as a businessman. I wanted my home to be the envy of all my friends. My wife and I both come from big families. We wanted a large enough how to accommodate them. My house is surrounded by large trees. I though it was nice when I bought the house, but I failed to take something into consideration. I did not think the trees could topple and fall onto the house. Luckily, my wife and I got insurance to fix the repairs.

My wife and I called the tree company the next day. I was very concerned for the safety of my wife and potential family. I was so scared that another branch or even a whole tree would crush my home. That would be devastating for my family and I. The tree company checked the limbs of the trees that were the closest to my home. They removed the trees and limbs that were already dead or about to die. The were very thorough and affordable. I was pleased with their work. My wife and I feel safe again in our home.