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Medical Imaging and Its Uses

Ultrasound scanning is one of the most common medical tests used to capture the images of internal body structures by using high-frequency sound waves. The procedure is also referred to as sonography and is highly preferable by doctors since it does not use radiation as such it is considered a safe method for diagnosis. Primarily, an ultrasound scan is non-invasive as the device works outside the body with the only requirement being a focus on the organs that are being diagnosed. However, some situations call for an internal ultrasound scan where the device is inserted into your body for a more unobstructed view of specific organs and special examination.

At Intermountain Medical Imaging you can receive medical imaging which is performed by certified sonographers under controlled environments. Primarily, the method for conducting the tests involves the application of gel to the skin before the hand-held transducer is gently moved around …

5 of the Best Lip Products You Need Now—lip oils, masks, and liquid mattes

Looking for the best lip moisturizer can be a bit tiring because of all the testing involved. We rounded up the best lip gloss, the best lipstick, and the best lip balm so that you will not have to. Whether you prefer lip gloss or lipstick, this list is the one to read.

MAC Hint of Colour Lip Oil

That full mouth of lipstick is not your style? Just a bit of colour is more like you? MAC Hint of Colour Lip Oil is what you have been looking for. This has just enough color to liven up your look and it conditions your lips. Because it uses oil, it is seriously moisturizing without sacrificing on the color.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

If you are crazy about lipstick, especially liquid mattes that are so favored by the internet, caring for your lips is just as important. The Laneige Lip Sleeping …

How to Avoid Becoming an Opioid Statistic

The pathway to becoming addicted to heroin is not always clearly defined. Increasingly, the ease of obtaining and rampant use of opioid painkillers has demonstrated an undeniable link in eventual heroin use. It’s critical to undergo heroin addiction rehabilitation as soon as possible to avoid becoming another statistic.

The Reality of Opioid Use In America

Opioid overdose has now become the third leading cause of preventable death for adults in the United States. It is a statistic that can seem like nothing more than numbers until it strikes close to home. The United States heroin epidemic is partially fueled by unintentional opioid addiction. It’s getting increasingly rare to not know someone that has struggled or is struggling with opiate use. Part of it is due to addiction to street heroin, yet a large segment of new opiate use happens straight out of the home medicine cabinet. Prescription opiate painkillers are …

Kratom Intensify – 3 ingredients to boost Kratom High

In general, Kratom intensified by MAO inhibitors, other opioids, or inhibitors of the cytochrome P450 isoenzyme.

However, there are also other plants, which serve as a booster in the mixed use with Kratom, the synergy of which is not exactly scientifically explained. There are hardly any studies on the mixing of strong MAO inhibitors (such as harmalin) with Kratom.

This combination can sometimes be fatal. It is also advisable to use Kratom for norepinephrine and serotonin in the body. In some cases, it may lead to a slight serotonin syndrome or the like. When serotonergic substances are combined with Kratom. You can buy Kratom varieties from online Kratom vendors on your location. Also you can find Kratom variants on

Here are the 3 ingredients to Kratom high and keep Kratom tolerance low!

1) Turmeric / Kurkume / Yellow Ginger / saffron root / turmeric (Curcuma longa) as Kratom

Dating In The Age Of The Internet

Dating online has become both a great success and a great curse for the current crowd of singles. Back in the day before the internet (for those of you who remember) dating required an ability to harness the art of flirting and seduction.  People had to be able to “give someone the eye” or “make a move.”   Bars were full of cruising.  There were even, “singles bars.”   These places were turned into an iconic movie, Looking For Mr. Goodbar, with Diane Keaton.  In the movie Keaton spent night after night hanging out in on a bar stool, sometimes having one-night stands, and generally trying to find a man.  She meets with utter failure and even danger in her late night escapades.

Speed dating, while sometimes still available, is largely a thing of the past.  Speed dating is just as it sounds.  A group of singles is organized in …

The good and bad sides of e cigarettes

Anywhere you go in the world, you will find many people smoking, even at a young age. We cannot also stop these teens from smoking because they were influenced by their friends. Some of their parents are smoking, too, that is why some of them just ignore their son or daughter when they catch them. While there are also teens, who are just hiding their smoking habit.

When we buy a pack of cigar, we can find a notice there, saying that Cigarette smoking is bad for your health. But, we often ignore that warning because we cannot stop ourselves from our habit. Some people can control the number of cigarettes they lit every day. There are also those who are called as chain smokers because they smoke too much and then, a pack of cigar is not even enough for them in a day.

Many people are saying that …

Benefits of Taking Vitamin Supplements

You have probably seen the many shelves of vitamin supplements every time you go shopping at your local drug store. However, you have never thought it was necessary to start using them. If this is the case, you might want to seriously reconsider your way of thinking. The truth is that millions of people around the world enjoy great nutritional benefits from taking vitamin supplements on a daily basis. Have you been feeling sick and tired lately? Have you felt much healthier in the past? Vitamin supplements are a great way to get your body feeling 100% healthy once again. Here are a few of the main benefits that you will get when you start consuming vitamin supplements on a regular basis.

  1. You will be obtaining some of the minerals and vitamins that you are not getting from the foods you eat every day.

You might be eating a very …

Tup Ingram Provides Complementary Therapies As Modern Medicine

Modern medicine, and the system it treats medical conditions, is subjugated by what people think of as orthodox medicine. This is what most individuals have come to recognize as ‘real medicine’, and the practicalities of orthodox medicine are in well-grounded technical research. Because of this systematic approach, orthodox medicine has made remarkable advances in one’s comprehension of human biology, the diseases and circumstances that can badly affect that biology, which has led to the development of treatments and drugs.

However, there are confines to what this form of medicine can attain. Many doctors like Tup Ingram unreservedly admit that many individuals feel poorly for reasons that contemporary medicine cannot explicate, and that when they recommend drugs, they are usually providing placebos that basically help the patients calm down while nature’s natural healing processes do the work.

And this is where complementary therapies can come in to their own work. Complementary …

What is the Role of Martin Lloyd Sanders as an Officer in the USPHS for Public Health Service?

Environmental health officers or officers in the USPHS in the Commissioned Corps have the freedom and flexibility to pursue a fulfilling and diverse career. Day-to-day accountabilities of environmental health officers consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Providing support and leadership to public health programs intended to protect the public from exposure to harmful substances
  • Providing services in environmental health, disease prevention, injury prevention, education and health promotion, and occupational safety
  • Undertaking greatly specialized services in areas such as industrial hygiene, counterterrorism, health physics, and hazardous litter
  • Conducting an extensive variety of activities, including investigations, surveys, research, teaching and training, technical assistance, consumer education, regulatory compliance, and standards and codes development
  • Regulating and reviewing medical devices and products
  • Conducting epidemiological and biomedical research
  • Monitoring and developing national health policies

Additionally, USPHS officers may have the chance to aid in public health responses to natural and man-made disasters and take part …

Many Typical Restorative Dental Procedures
Odds are, you don’t have perfect, decay and disease-free teeth and gum tissue. Most patients have at least one cavity and have had a bout or two with small, reversible gum condition.

Maybe you’ve experienced bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity or lost teeth. The dentist likely treated the condition to halt its progression or to eliminate the condition all together if you went to the dentist.

This treatment of a condition that is dental it’s currently started is named restorative dentistry, that will be often partially covered by dental insurance coverage.

While preventative treatments are used to avoid plenty of discomfort, discomfort, embarrassment, excessive office that is dental, and forking over funds, often things happen that are from your control. Sometimes you don’t feel the discomfort and pain of a problem that is dental it’s far too late. Accidents and other things might also happen and necessitate a few of these …