Are dental implants painful?

Are dental implants painful? This is all too common a question asked of dentists around the world. Dental implants have really been taking off in recent years. The lure of starting fresh with a brand new set of teeth is a very inviting option to many people who may have neglected their oral health.

Once the process is explained to folks, besides the cost, the issue ofare dental implants painful the very next thing to settle. The process goes as follows. The patient will be given the go ahead for the surgery to place the implant into the mouth. It requires surgery so a bit of prep is needed. It will take a couple of months for the implant to become firmly lodged into its new home in the jaw. Once it is stable enough, it can then hold the crown. So there are technically 2 stages to the implant process.


Are dental implants painful during the first part of the process? This is the one where people have the most fear. Not surprising, as it does contain a bit of surgery. This is minute however with the implant being placed within minutes. It would help drastically to go with a dentist who has extensive knowledge in the field and will get it done properly. After the surgery, you will be left with a bit of pain coming from this foreign object which now becomes a permanent fixture in your mouth. The pain will subside and the dentist will help this along with a prescription for pain medication. Patients will need to take it easy after it is done until the stitches have come off and the gum area has healed.

Are dental implants painful during the second part of the process? A couple of months after the implant has been placed, it should be firmly in place. This is when the crown will be attached. The crown will be made from porcelain material. Choose a dentist who has in-office access to making a crown when getting dental implants so that the crown can be made and attached during the same session. The crown is set into place with a dental bonding agent. With proper care it will last a lifetime.