What Are Those Specks I See In My Vision

Something troubling that happens with your eyesight is the appearance of little lines or spots through your line of vision. More frequent episodes can be worrisome even interfering with reading. Just what are these dark spots and is there anything that you can do to get rid of them.

Like many of us and your optometrist you may have noticed dark spots,lines or blobs swim around in front of your eyes. What you are experiencing is more than likely  eyes floaters. The best way to explain them is tiny fibers that move about in the gel like fluid or vitreous humour between the lens and retina of the eye. The specks cast shadows on the retina creating dark spots or floaters. Most people will experience them at some point in their lives most certainly as we age. While they can be annoying generally they are no cause for concern.


Treating floaters

There are no medications to treat floaters. Some believe treating stress with yoga, eliminating caffeine and a diet rich in magnesium can get rid of the pesky spots, however there are no studies to back up these claims. In severe cases they can be treated with lasers which involves zapping the floaters and vaporizing them. Or vitrectomy a procedure that requires the draining and replacing the vitreous fluid in the eyes. There are risks involved with both procedures and it’s important to learn as much as you can before opting for either of these.

Even without treatment your brain might adjust and you may not even notice the floaters anymore. Often they just disappear on their own however it’s never a good idea to ignore sudden changes in your vision as in can be a signal a more serious eye problem is present. If you notice a significant increase in the number of floaters or they begin to interfere with your vision or you see specks along with light flashes don’t delay in seeing your eye doctor right away.

Scheduling regular visits with your optometrist is a good way to ensure your eyes remain healthy for a lifetime. Searching for optometrists in Calgary contact us at Dr. Alex G. Wilson and Associates for all your eye care needs.