Yoga Exercises for Hip Flexors

When you bend your knees or waist, you are involving your flexors which allow you to make a move. Since many physical activities involve the hip flexors, injuries are common. Stretching and heating your flexors will remove the pain. Fortunately, several positions of yoga and pilates do just that, and often, most classes incorporate these movements during their duration of 55 minutes.

Yoga is the key to easing up all that tension. These effective poses will help open your hip flexors, keeping your body loose and helping you walk a little taller.


Side kick

Lie on your side on your rug, legs on top of each other. Get up with one hand. Swing one leg back and forth. Keep your leg at your waist. Do 10 repetitions and then switch to the other leg. You can intensify the movement by adding a bicycle. To do this, swing your leg forward, bring your knee to your chest and straighten your leg by pulling it back again.

Stretching of one leg

Lie on your back. Pull one knee to your chest and extend the other leg at a 45-degree angle to the floor. You must feel how the hip opens. Change your leg and repeat. To make it less intense add a pause before changing your leg or you can make the position more fluid without pausing. Get a better abdomen work by keeping your head and shoulders up.

Circles of legs

Lie on your back, extend one leg and turn the other 360 degrees clockwise. Once you have completed a circle go to the opposite position. Make 10 circles before changing your leg. If you have a more limited range of motion, tie a towel to the foot that you will lift and hold the towel. This towel or tape can help you increase the range of your movement, which is important because the larger the circle, the more you will work the flexors.

Hip openings

To access this basic yoga position, start by putting yourself on hands and knees and then switch to the position of the dog. Lift one leg as high as possible, bend it to the knee and lower it. Your knee should be close to your buttocks. Turning your torso in the direction of your leg will help your chest to open. You can maximize the benefits of your flexors by turning your hip slowly, first in one direction and then in the other. Hold the position for several minutes before lowering your leg and repeating the movement with the opposite leg.


A relatively simple yoga pose is the dancer. In this pose, you need to stand with your feet together. Lift your right leg from behind you and fold it to your knee. Stretch your right arm and hold your right foot. Bringing your foot to your buttocks will intensify the pose. Bend at the waist and lift your foot and leg, while still folded. While fully stretched, lift your left arm in the air and extend your fingers. Repeat the position before changing your leg.