Are You Suffering from a Mental Illness as well as an Addiction?

If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, chances are you’ve had a lot of blame placed on you due to your substance abuse.  While you did get involved in drugs or alcohol, you may not know that addiction is a type of mental illness, and in fact, many women who suffer from addictions also suffer from mental disorders as well.  There are many reasons for this, but doctors and researchers are yet to determine why comorbidity exists between mental disorders and addictive behavior.  If you are addicted and suspect that you may be suffering from a mental disorder such as bipolar disorder or depression, it’s important for you to find behavioral health services for women.


What is Comorbidity?

The term comorbidity is used to describe the relationship between addiction and mental illness.  If you’re addicted to a chemical substance, you’re twice a likely to have a mental illness, and if you have a mental illness, you’re twice as likely to be a substance abuser.  Addiction may cause a mental illness to surface, but with the two conditions, they can aggravate each other.  So a person who has an addiction and a mental illness to struggle with has a lot more problems than someone who just has one condition.  In fact, the addiction may be worse because of the mental illness, and vice versa.  Thus, it makes sense that if you’re addicted, you should also look for behavioral health centers for women in addition to your drug rehab.

Why do Mental Disorders and Addiction show up Together?

Doctors aren’t sure why the two show up together frequently, but they have a number of hunches.  One thought is that you have the mental illness, although it isn’t diagnosed, and you use the drugs or alcohol as a way to self-medicate.  You feel better when you’re on drugs as they help you escape from the issues the mental disorder causes, only you become dependent on the drug and addicted as well.  Some doctors think that maybe drug addicts and those suffering from mental illness have the same genetic vulnerabilities to the disease, and so it manifests itself accordingly.  Some doctors think that some people already have the mental illness and it becomes expressed when a person takes drugs.  Still, some drugs can cause changes in the brain and thus make at-risk persons susceptible to developing a mental illness.  That’s why if you suspect you have a mental disorder you need to find behavioral health programs for women.  Behavioral health services for women can help diagnose and treat your mental illness as well as help you through drug rehab.

Won’t Standard Rehab Cover Mental Health?

Many drug rehab programs are aimed at people who do not have mental illnesses (although one can make the case that addiction is indeed a mental disorder).  If there are behavioral health services for women in these one size fits all programs, they are only cursory and not intended to fully treat serious mental disorders.  That’s why you need to find behavioral health centers for women so that you can have the maximum success in recovery.  We can help you in ending your addiction and treating your mental disorders.  We can help you both with behavioral disorders and rehab in a safe environment.