Natural burial Alternatives

With the environments health being a key concern let’s take a look at a couple green alternatives to a traditional burial or cremation.

Very close in form to conventional burial in a graveyard, natural burial has some major differences: No embalming fluid is used at any time, and the concrete vault that lines most graves is dispensed with. The corpse is wound in a shroud or placed in a biodegradable coffin, to facilitate natural (and fairly quick) decomposition.


The trend began in the late 1990s, with the opening of the first entirely-natural cemetery, Ramsey Creek, in Westminster, South Carolina. Today, more than fifty dot the United States. Because of the lack of foreign chemicals and other potentially harmful effects of modern burial, natural-burial cemeteries are frequently home to nature preserves, and the idea that they are contributing to the flourishing of the natural world is an incentive for many in choosing it.

Ash pencils

Perfect for the budding—or accomplished—writer, designer Nadine Jarvis has created a handsome box set of pencils…made entirely from human ash. On average, a cremated human body produces enough ash to create 240 pencils, and the box is specially designed to release only one at a time.


The sharpener is located on the side of the box, which will contain the excess shavings. When the last pencil is used up, the box becomes a defacto urn, containing the ashes that are left. Morbid? Perhaps.