Phentermine Hydrochloride – A knowhow of the Overdose and its effects

One should always be extra careful about the overdose of phentermine hydrochloride because it can result in severe side effects and permanent damages. Some of them are coma seizures, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, tremors, low and high blood pressures, hallucinations, a sense of restlessness, confusions, and rapid respirations.

These side effects can be lowered by taking proper medications as per doctor suggestion, since it is a sympathomimetic compound. Dependence and tolerance should be monitored by a physician. When taken in a proper dosage, one can yield extreme benefits from this drug. But this is achieved when an individual follows all the instructions by his medical professional. Before starting the dose one should clearly read and understand the instructions written on the manual.


Overdose effects:

A medical professional will start with very low dose of phentermine hydrochloride and then once it is adjusted to the patient’s body they will gradually increase the dose. Depending on the reaction of the drug the dose should be increased and doctor should have an eye on its interactions and any concerns. For obese and severely overweight people phentermine hydrochloride can really do miracles if it is taken as per advice. One can definitely yield results if along with taking the drug they follow a planned diet and exercise programs. One should better understand the before and after effects the drug before staring using it.

Nutritious diet and exercises when followed with the phentermine, it can do miracles in weight loss. So this combination can work well for obese and overweigh individuals. It is not recommended for everyone who is looking to lose some weight and get fit. It is usually recommended for obese people who are finding it difficult to lose weight only through dietary changes and exercise programs.

One can find many success stories of phentermine use. But it still classified as schedules class IV drug. This means that phentermine is a controlled substance. It should be purchased only with prescription. This is because there are chances that one may get abused to phentermine. It helps in reducing the appetite. It is also very effective in enhancing the energy. This will help in the reduction of fat.

In other words, phentermine is a stimulant. It acts on the central nervous system and through this it suppress the appetite. It helps in releasing catecholamines, by stimulating neurons. This includes, norepinephrine, ephinephrine and dopamine. By releasing these catecholamines, phentermine initiates the flight response in the body. This will help in the reduction of appetite by taking away the brain signals from hunger messages.

Tablets and extended release capsules are the two forms in which phentermine is available today. It is compulsory to follow doctor’s instructions since phentermine is a prescription drug. For few individuals doctor’s advice to take phentermine in a single dose for others three times a day. Phentermine should be taken before meal at least 30 minutes before. Three to six week is the average length of the phentermine prescription but it may vary based on the case.