Neuromodulators before age 30? Here’s What Westchester Residents Should Know about Botox

It is not infrequent that I hear in my practice “Doctor do you think I am too young for Botox?”

Many young celebrities as well as the media have clearly influenced the younger population to seek cosmetic consultations. The numbers of cosmetic surgeries as well as nonsurgical aesthetic procedures have increased in women in their 30s and younger.

In the beginning of my career as a cosmetic doctor I would treat young females in Westchester with Botox only if they suffered of Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). It was only very rare to consult somebody in that age group for expression lines.


“Should this new trend worry us?”

The answer is NO. The results of Botox are always best before you have developed those deep deep furrow (the 11s as we often call them). The skin is smoother, tighter and the result post treatment will always be more natural. You will not need to use large doses to relax the muscles and end up with a bright complexion and a happy face.

The treatment definitely must be reserved for those who have hyperactive muscles, and at risk of developing early wrinkles at rest (meaning when the face is completely without expression).

It is important to study well the face of the prospective patient, appreciate the type of facial expressions, the muscle mass and also listen to them and understand what they would like to achieve with the treatment. We may not always be able to satisfy one’s expectations which is why it is important to have a conversation and a careful examination here in Westchester before proceeding. It is important to be very conservative in this age group and allow for some mobility of the face even after treatment.

I never treat a pregnant or lactating lady and I review very carefully their medical history.

It is equally important to advise this group of ladies about skin care, since Botox will only prevent deep wrinkles but will not slow the aging process. A healthy lifestyle, and good skin care program at home and in office will keep you young looking and healthy and may reduce the frequency of your Botox injections.

For more information about using neuromodulators at any age, please contact Park Avenue Medical Spa in Westchester by phone or through our website, we can’t wait to meet you!