7 Most Extreme Sports Ever!

If you decided that you life is too boring and you need some adrenalin to go through your veins then it is just the right time to try some new sport. Some people prefer getting a coach and simply going to gym, others are waiting for the right moment. But we tell you that there is never a right moment if you hesitate. So this is a sign for you, stand up and try something new!


1. Stratosphere Skydiving

This sounds like something impossible but it has already been done by Felix Baumgartner who leapt from almost 40 km (127,000 feet) with a parachute. If you are missing crazy and unique feelings then jumping down to Earth from the space is just what you need.

2. Ski / Snowboard

Though these sports have long been known and famous among extreme sport lower, they still remain on the top. If you decide to try, again book appointment with skiing coach in Toronto who will help you learn the basics so that in future you can discover untouched snow powder at any corner of the world. Even though snowboarders and skiers hate each other they both have one common passion – mountains and speed.

3. Ice Climbing

Love winter and snow? Mountains are your passion? Then ice climbing is definitely a thin to try for you. In such harsh conditions you get a possibility to test your personal determination. Extremely low temperatures and a risk to fall is definitely one of the most extreme sports ever.

4. Whitewater Kayaking

Kayaking develops coordination, while whitewater kayaking will teach you how to both think and act fast. If you have never every tried rowing then hire a kayaking coach to begin your new passion with good basics. One day your training will save your life for sure.

5. Skeleton

Bobsleds or luges are two most famous variations of skeleton. It is about riding the downhill speed and literally facing your fears and dangers. Try almost light speed with special equipment and you will never be afraid of speed again.

6. Surfing

This is a very umbrella term for all kinds of surfing existing today, but it still is on the list. All sort of surfers have their own extremes and dangers to overcome and fight during every ride.

7. Cave Diving

You know that we are consisted of water by 80% and that two-thirds of the planet is covered with water. So why not try to encounter new depth and world with a professional Toronto diving coach? Try to hold your breath and begin your underwater journey!

Jason Humpback acts as a blogger for a line of digital publications, who shares opinion on a mix of sport topics exemplified by the passion to extreme sports and encouragement to try at least one kind from the list in your life. Jason is a proud vagabond of the web space and an influential figure in anything of significance to the extreme sports existing today.