Consult Expert Psychiatric to Determine, If Your Child’s Poor Performance is a Cause of ADHD

Poor concentration in lessons, inattentiveness in classroom or consistent poor performance in class tests of your kids may not be intentional or just due to their roguish attitude.  As found in worldwide survey that nearly 50 percent children having such kind of issues basically suffer from ADHD. Typically, ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a mental disorder and not a learning disability, which affects learning skill, attitude as well as school performance. Children to adolescents are having different level, degree and kinds of ADHD problem and that affect them in different ways such as in learning their lessons, organizational skill and memorization ability and so on. Whereas many children encounter problem in their mathematical calculations, some face problem in writing or learning languages or lessons.

The New York based world famous psychiatric Dr. Jonathan B. Lauter MD advices all parents and school teachers that despite taking the issue seriously or punishing these children, it should be their concern to undergo early evaluation, intervention and management. Being in the practice for more than 20 years, Dr. Lauter considers that handling of students with ADHD is really challenging, nonetheless, if such issues remain untreated for unawareness, carelessness or due to failure in diagnosing the issue or its magnitude, this may damage the future of these children severely. Early intervention is significant because, ADHD problems can make their basic learning or foundation weak as well as the aptitudes like organizing things and this may even spoil their educational, professional and family life.


Therefore if you are one of those upset, frustrated parents, be cool and get in touch with this specialist psychiatric by making an appointment immediately. Importantly, children having ADHD problems should be educated absolutely in different ways. In order words, traditional way of teaching is not going to help them. Secondly, they need counseling by Jonathan B. Lauter MD expert in Child/ Adolescent Psychiatry and In General Psychiatry. The distinguished psychiatrist has been associated with American healthcare industry for above 20 years and as of day; he is in the position of Director, Outpatient Clinic Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Elmhurst Hospital New York.

Being specialized in clinical neurodevelopment area, the specialist psychiatry is extremely levelheaded, compassionate, and knowledgeable to care for hundreds of thousands of children, teens, youngsters to elderly people suffer from varieties of mental-health related disorder. Since the day one of his profession, he has been devoted to study the human minds that encounter varieties of troubles and destroy brilliant futures of forthcoming generation, lively families and prospective careers of professionals.

Most importantly, with the hectic way of life the mental complexities such as depression, difficult sleeping, Insomnia, anxiety, alcohol addiction are increasing with rapidity. It is, on the other hand, the majority of parents are still not aware about attention deficit hyperactivity disease, conduct disorder or bullying which are quite common in schooldays and childhood. Due to the widespread lack of knowledge, the families having kids with ADHD, experience frustrating, worrisome, and deadly daily life. Together with his great team Dr. Jonathan B. Lauter MD, is activated to support you, your children and family life. Apart from Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, the eminent psychiatric also practices from his personal clinic in Manhattan.